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Andy answers your questions:

Why did I start on this book?
Why do I write?

I'm not real sure when I started this therapy they call writing, but I do know that I am completely addicted.

I was in college in Bellingham, Washington, writing all the time. There were short stories that were mostly funny. They amused my friends, when we read them during parties at my house. I also wrote poems; not sad or depressing, but comical in nature.

I never thought of writing a book. Deep inside, I always had hope I could come up with a story that was long enough, and had enough depth, that I could turn my writing into a book.

I started a story unlike my typical writing style. It was a tale of Oso, the immortal centurion, and his cellmate Cassidy, a boy with a divine secret. After getting to the point where I thought I would end this new short story, I realized that it wasn't a short at all. What I had in my hands was the first chapter of my first book. I started on the second chapter; still skeptical I could achieve my goal. But then I created the Illusive Blue Sage—and I fell in love with the complexities of this character.

I knew I had it. . .and I knew that it had me. No matter what happens with this book, I will be its biggest fan.

Kalisandroes and the Villain King

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